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    "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners"


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title   Light- Acts 13


The Spoken Word

D/E Joseph Woods "Jesus" Part #1 


D/E Joseph Woods "Jesus" Part #2


D/E Joseph Woods "Christ in HIs Church" Reveleations 1 Awesome God.wma 

D/E Joseph Woods "Awesome God" II Peter 1:1-2 The KNowledge of God.wma 

D/E Joseph Woods "The Kingdom of God" II Peter 1:1-2 Morning  Worship 09-18-2011.wma

D/E Joseph Woods "Jesus Our High Priest" 09-18-2011 Track 1.wma

D/E Joseph Woods "A Time of Refreshing Pt 1" Track 1.wma 

D/E Joseph Woods "A Time of Refreshing Pt 2" Track 1.wma 

 D/E Joseph Woods "A Holy Ghost Filled Man" pt1 A Holy Ghost Filled Man II.wma  

 D/E Joseph Woods "A Holy Ghost Filled Man" Live so God Can Use You.wma 

D/E Joseph Woods "Live So God Can Use You" I King 10 New Covenant.wma 

D/E Joseph Woods "New Covenant" II Corinthians 3 The Judgment.wma  

D/E Joseph Woods "The Judgment" Revelation 20 Heart Service.wma  

D/E Joseph Woods "Heart Service" Ephesians 6:4-12 My Time To Be Bless.wma 

 D/E Joseph Woods "My Time To Be Bless" II Corinthians 6 I Am What I Am.wma 

D/E Joseph Woods, "I Am What I Am" Enhanced by the Spirit.wma 

D/E Joseph Woods  "Enhanced by the Spirit" The Holy Ghost.wma

D/E Joseph Woods, "The Holy Ghost" Track 1.wma

D/E Joseph Woods May 23, 2010 "God Your Source" Isaiah 44:23 Track 1.wma 

 D/E Joseph Woods "Light" Acts 13 Track 1.wma


A Promise Kept - Part One


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